Here’s what our clients say about us…

We’ve asked BEB to write our terms & conditions and contracts. BEB did this with a very professional manner – they are truly bespoke to our business and we’re now not sure how we were running without these in the past. Now we appear more professional and secure. It’s an excellent service offered by BEB. The entire team is very easy to work with and they deliver what they promise on time, every time! Highly recommend.

Ashish Kumar
Web Alliance

Just received my T&C’s for a new workshop I am providing and have been working with Kerry throughout the process. She was brilliant, delivered exactly what I was looking for which was safe and fair contract terms. A bespoke service that made the process super simple and all created within around 10 days! Highly recommended!

Josh Fitzgerald
FTZ Studios

I met Kerry at a networking event and was just what I was looking for! I needed to get my T&C’s written for my newly established business but to be honest, was terrified of going to a lawyer due to the potential costs. BEB are reasonably priced and my T&C’s are great! Kerry drilled down into what was important for my business and made sure I included this in the document. I can 100% recommend their services!

Anabela Pereira Santos Yourell
Stress Free HR

You recently helped me revamp and update our property management terms of business for our Landlord clients.

I provided you with our old document and gave you an overview of what I needed. You duly went off and within a short space of time, came back to me with all the amendments clearly defined and easy to understand. You had also done some research on some of the latest letting & management legislation, as we included this in the new document as well.

You had clearly listened to the brief I gave you as it was exactly what we needed. We met at my office and you were on time, professional and efficient and made the whole process simple for me.

Hazel, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to the other departments within Howkins & Harrison and my other business contacts elsewhere. Thank you.

Mark Manning
Howkins & Harrison LLP

I recently approached BEB Contract & Legal Services to appraise and re-write existing terms and conditions and to provide generic Contractor Agreements. Aided by their specialist knowledge of engineering contracts, they fully immersed themselves into the activities of RS Power Ltd and following an in-depth review and a couple of meetings they delivered the legal documents on time as promised. They identified areas of enhancement and accurately explained all legal technicalities in straight English throughout the process. I found that Bev and her team provided a reliable professional service. I would certainly use their services again.

Royce Power
R S Power Ltd

BEB have provided us with terms and conditions which we feel give us the peace of mind we need when dealing with a competitive and sometimes challenging client base. BEB will continue to be involved with the on-going contracts and new client terms and conditions we need as a progressive company. BEB bring great value to the services they provide. We would recommend them to anyone.

Richard Swatton
SCL Electrical Ltd

Bev is not only very knowledgeable about contracts;  she exhibits high levels of integrity and is very personable in her approach. Terms and conditions are easily overlooked, but with BEB’s service, there is no excuse for not having these in place. A must for all businesses.

Andrew Knight
Impact Flexibility

We have used BEB for various tasks in the past few months, including reviewing and amending legal documents. BEB work to schedule and are always available to discuss items when required. I would recommend BEB to others and I have been pleased with their work to date!

Lara Ayris
Waste Plan Solutions

A good set of terms and conditions provide a “firewall” for any business by reducing risk events such as the failure of customers to pay and also expensive litigation caused by misunderstandings. This protection helps you to concentrate on the main work of creating revenue! Many thanks, Bev.

Mike Simpson
MS Quality Projects

BEB has been working with a local business I put them in touch with and have made a real difference. They are now able to handle bigger contracts safe in the knowledge BEB will have ironed out all the problems by ensuring their terms and conditions allow them to be treated fairly and paid promptly. Thanks for carrying out every task to a high standard and continuing to provide a great service.

Lynda Buntin
WPA Healthcare

Having a legal expert at hand has significantly reduced the amount of bad debtors and improved our cash flow.  We have seen the greatly needed improved changes that BEB Consultancy has put in place and are benefiting considerably from these changes.  Since we have had BEB Consultancy on board, all contracts are agreed with our clients and executed and returned in a timely and professional manner.

Sean, Elsa & Julie
The Platform Lift Company

I would like to take this opportunity to thank BEB Contract & Legal Services for the terms and conditions recently completed for Limescale Solutions.  It was quite an eye opener to realise in how many different ways an online retailer can get into difficulties without the correct terms and conditions being in place.  Bev and Hazel went out of their way to explain in detail why certain conditions were needed and how they would protect my company.  Every last possibility was explored about my business and what could possibly go wrong if we didn’t protect against it.  The full package BEB prepared for us consisted of website terms of use, cookie policy, merchant compliance, sales terms and conditions and agent agreements.  When I was setting up Limescale Solutions, the greatest advice I received was to “get the basics right and get yourself protected against all eventualities”.  With BEB’s help and advice, I have the confidence this is all in place now so I can get on with building my company, having the peace of mind I am legally compliant and protected.

Bryn Lewis
Limescale Solutions

I wanted to write and thank you for the work that yourself and Hazel have put in to deliver the contract documentation that you have on our behalf.  I know that one of the reasons the “root and branch” overhaul had been put off for so long was the concerns held within the business that the whole thing would be too expensive, too disruptive, too demanding on the time of the staff and would lead to “too much legalese” – probably based on standard documentation.  It is to the enormous credit of your business (most particularly, both of you), that all those fears have been overcome and you are now seen by the Directors and staff as trusted advisors to ourselves, who “get what we do”, are approachable – are are “there” in the background to assist us, as and when required, both in a practical sense and through the trust you had developed leading to our ongoing planned support arrangement.  I know it is a view shared by all at ACS that you deserve the success and hopefully continued growth of the business that you are striving for.

Neil Moran
ACS (UK) Ltd

I would like to thank Bev and Hazel at BEB Contract & Legal Services for their excellent service.  I recently encountered problems with cancellations with little or no notice, leaving me short of time to rearrange my time and loss financially.  After speaking to Bev, it became clear that at BEB, they work with small companies like Lewis Personal Training as well as the big companies.  I met with Bev and Hazel to discuss the problems I was having with both personal training and boot camp clients before agreeing to spread the payments evenly over a period of time that was affordable to my business.  Hazel wrote up my terms and conditions, which have been changed on two occasions as my business has changed, and they have now almost eliminated the problems, enabling me to spend more time working on my business.  I would recommend BEB to any business, however large or small, for their excellent customer service, understanding of business needs and the legal system.

Mark Lewis
Lewis Personal Training

I wanted to say a big thank you for the great work you have undertaken for me recently in producing my terms and conditions for my recently re-started business.  I have had in the past some terms and conditions, which were simply bolted onto my website and never used. Since I started out on my own again, I soon realised that I was wide open to being walked all over, which is something that had happened a lot in the past.  I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service, how you were able to thoroughly explain through all the points which, to begin with, was like reading a foreign language for me!  I can now press forwards with work knowing that I’m covered for all eventualities, such as if someone decides not to pay, as I have a bomb proof set of terms and conditions covering me and I can send you in to sort them out!  So many thanks for your excellent work again.  I won’t hesitate in recommending you in the future.

Rob Lewis
R J Lewis Electrical Ltd

Thank you for the T&C’s you provided for me.  They have certainly served me well this year with one client in particular that had cancelled some work and was seeking a refund for an up-front payment I took that enabled me to commence the work for them based on it going ahead.  Just on this, your terms saved me just under £5,000 in a refund, which was good news from my perspective.

Phil Snelling
HR Bespoke Solutions

With regards to your recent review of a lease agreement, this is been a pleasurable and prompt service for which I thank you.  I am sure I will be in touch again next year.

Chris Hornsby
Benson Price Consultants Ltd

Thank you for all that you have done …. I guess we anticipated that the process of writing T&C’s would be so simple … and it was, but only because of your professional help and guidance. Left on our own we would be still at it 12 months from now !! Thank you to you both for your patience with our many changes and ensuring that all of the legal aspects were covered … We can sleep comfortably at night knowing that it is a mission accomplished and what is more, you will be there for us in the future, if we ever need you.

Phil & Jan
Night Owls (UK) Ltd

I would like to thank Bev for the excellent service she provided to me for my legal documents and terms and condtions.  I required several documents and she had three Directors, all with different needs and expectations to keep happy and informed.  The personal and professional manner in which she dealt with all three directors was of the highest quality.  I would highly recommend BEB for your entire document and legal requirements; your business will be in very safe hands.  I will be using the service again in the future, to keep my legal documents, contracts and terms and conditions up to date and fit for purpose.

Karen Lock
The Utility Warehouse

I’m writing to show my appreciation for the outstanding work BEB Contract & Legal Services undertook in both upgrading and enhancing our terms and conditions of business.  The process associated with our terms and conditions you laid out at our primary meeting was the exact process which happened, with no hidden hurdles or hoops for us to jump through.  Your Operations Manager, Hazel Napier, met with me at a time and location of my convenience and took me through each point with a clear, professional and patient manner, answering in great detail each of my questions; a great advocate and asset for BEB.

The service provided is of the highest order; you are I have no doubt “guardian angels in business” and I have no hesitation, now or in the future, in recommending your outstanding business services to my clients, family and friends.

Simon Reed
REEDucating & Consulting Ltd

BEB Contract & Legal Services sorted out my sub-contractor and trade account forms, as well as amending my terms and conditions for business to remove any ambiguity and grey areas.  I can thoroughly recommend BEB for providing a professional and cost effective service.  Since having my amended terms and conditions in place, there can be no arguments about the terms of warranties or what is or is not included in a quotation.  I believe this has already saved me both time and money.

Alex Isherwood
Service MOT Repairs Ltd

Legal jargon isn’t my forte so I enlisted Hazel from BEB to produce ts+cs for me. Hazel took time to understand my business and my customer base so she could tailor my ts+cs to my business model but the thing that I appreciated the most was that Hazel explained to me in plain English what each clause meant. Overall, professional, knowledgeable and friendly – what more could I ask for? Oh and the added extra of a presentation folder with a hardcopy and a disc with a softcopy was thoroughly appreciated, too!

Heather Selbie

I would like to thank you and your team for your help on creating our Terms & Conditions.  Like I suspect many others, I am no expert when it comes to the legal side of things and so it was very refreshing to be able to turn to an expert in the field that genuinely tries to look after your interest and translates all the jargon into understandable language.  I have found working with you and Hazel straightforward and pleasurable, and it has definitely made a job that I thought would be a nightmare into a simple process.

I shall have no hesitation in recommending you and your excellent team to friends, family and acquaintances.

Pim Van Baarsen
CMA Marketing

Thank you for your considerable efforts on my behalf in acting for me in respect of the recent developments in my career post ACS. These have been significant changes for me and the fact that I have had your advice, support, availability. professionalism and crucially your willingness to utilize your legal training and research what was required, when neither of us was sure, have been totally invaluable to me.

Needless to say, I have no hesitation in recommending yourself, Hazel and BEB to anyone, as you truly are my ‘Guardian Angels in Business’.

Neil Moran
Stimpsons Eves

I had not realised how much of a financial disservice I was doing to my business by not having Terms and Conditions in place.  I am grateful to you Hazel for your expertise and speed at recognising facets of my business operation that needed the attention of Terms and Conditions.  In fact, I would credit the form that my clients now sign for providing me with more income.  Thank you.

Now my clients block book series of classes in advance, they note the cancellation policy and do not abuse it and more importantly, they sign happily and I do not have to worry or be embarrassed about verbally giving them the information.

I would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in a similar position to me who teaches classes, workshops and one to one sessions in various locations around the country.

ö-Sel Nyima
Clearlight Bodymind Awareness

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have carried out for us recently.  We had contracts of employment and terms and conditions previously but they were only ever prepared by ourselves.  Having spoken to you about renewing the documents you certainly opened my eyes up to things I hadn’t even thought to include previously!

You were very thorough and went through everything with us ensuring we were 100% happy with everything.  You provided a really fast and efficient service and we have been thoroughly impressed since our first point of contact with you.

I would give you the highest recommendation to anyone to use your services.

Many thanks again for your advice, professionalism and expertise!

Jo Worth
Northampton H2O
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent job you do regarding my terms and conditions. BEB not only offer competitive prices, you are also able to adapt to my requests and keep me informed with up to date changes that effect my business, such as consumer law.
As a result I can carry out my day to day tasks without having to worry about chasing up money whilst knowing that I have full protection if someone does not pay!
I have no hesitation in recommending you to all my contacts and look forward to continuing to work with BEB Contract and Legal Services.
Many Thanks
Mark Lewis
Lewis Personal Training

I just wanted to say thank you for the work you carried out recently for my colleague and myself in helping us understand some of the clauses in our franchise agreement.

You delivered a very clear and factual report, helping us easily understand what could very easily be really complex!

Thank you for your speedy response and for delivering exactly what you’d said you would and when you said you’d do it.

I will definitely be recommending your services in the future.

J Mann Associates

Just a quick letter to thank you for the provison of Terms and Conditions for CopyWriter Pro.

Initially, you had a real battle on your hands to convince me of the value of your service for our kind of business. But, you were both resolute and patient. What clinched it for me was the idea that, when pitching for the business, having Ts & Cs is, in fact, a positive selling point. They enable us to come across as serious professionals. Only yesterday, we were taken on by an important new client and it was clear that the Ts & Cs were an element that created a favourable impression.

Throughout the process of composing the Ts & Cs, Hazel was diligent, efficient and genuinely concerned for our specific needs. The whole experience was a pleasure. Very many thanks and best wishes.

Stephen Church
CopyWriter Pro

When I first started with BNI, Hazel would stand up, she would deliver her 60 seconds and I thought there was no way I would need their services.  That all changed when one awkward customer was not happy with my terms and conditions on my contract for replacement windows – as it turns out, they were not good enough, and also out of date!  Hazel came to the rescue and in no time had my new T&C’s done.  I had to go to her office for us to read through and to make any changes that I wanted.  Again, this sounds like something no sane person could possibly enjoy, but this wasn’t bad at all, in fact very interesting and I learned a lot!  I got offered a Bronze, Silver, or Gold package, I picked the Bronze, the cheapest and covered what I needed – I won’t have any more need for BEB’s services?  Within a couple of weeks, I was back on the phone to Hazel, as my guarantee needed updating, and again without any fuss, this was done and I had happy customers again.  I was upgraded to the Silver package, and included in all packages is the promise that Hazel is on the end of a phone to offer any legal or T&C’s advice you might need, and I know this to be true, because I have pestered her many times.  I would recommend BEB Consultancy in a heartbeat.  They have truly been my Guardian Angels!

John Duffy
JD Glazing Ltd

To the team at BEB. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the work that you recently completed in setting up terms and conditions for TBB.

From start to finish you made the job of writing our T&C simple. A must for simple builders like us. At the out set you were clear with what we needed and really made sure that we understood everything that we could and couldn’t do.

Although you could not make T&C’s exciting, I am now confident that, the companies future is a more predictable and stable one, all that to the service you provided. I will now be recommending you to anyone that works with out the clear T&C’s that we now have.

Many Thanks

Tim Brown
Totally Bespoke Building

Thank you again for your professional and precise contract review. I was very impressed with the swift response and detailed advice you gave to ensure my other business is contractually protected.

This has proven to be very beneficial for the Low Energy business and we will have no hesitation to use your services again upon the next contract. We also have no reservations in recommending your services to our colleagues and friends.

Thank you again.

Adam Alexander
Abandoned Art Studio

I am writing to thank you for the recent assistance that you provided us in relation to the collection of a large outstanding debt.

Your sage advice and calm head were so helpful in what was a very stressful situation that could have escalated. You dealt with everything from filing the necessary court paperwork to liaising directly with the client which ultimately resulted in us being paid.

I have always and will continue to recommend your services to friends and clients as I know the service that you and Hazel provide is second to none.

Leanne Niles
Raw GP Ltd

Thank you for taking the time to review our company contracts and all the ins and outs of our business, your knowledge and attention to detail has been excellent. You have transformed our previously hard to understand, long winded 24 page contract to a much more professional looking easy to read and understand 4 page contract. Not only are you a very patient and polite person, it is clear to see that BEB Contracts and Legal Services are experts in their field.

Chris Gardner
Dufeu IT Solutions Ltd

BEB helped me make sense of a proposed new contract from one of my clients. They provided me with a detailed risk assessment that was clear, enabling me to make an informed and confident decision. The service was friendly, prompt and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to use BEB’s services again in the future.

Dorothy Foote
Level Seven (UK) Ltd

Recently I’ve changed a arrangement with a client which involves him becoming retained. Although there will be plenty of valuable work, I know him well and he won’t be easy. I needed an agreement that would be watertight, specifically in the area of prompt payment.

Although you are busy, you turned this round within 24 hours and have produced a document that I know I can use, not only with this client, but with those in the future too.

I’m so pleased. I can now relax in the knowledge that the arrangement I have based on a sound footing and it totally secure.

In my view, contracts from BEB are not a ‘nice-to-have’. They are an absolute 100% ‘must have’. Thank you.

Stephen Church, Copywriter Pro
Copywriter Pro

I would recommend BEB to others absolutely! Hazel was hugely knowledgeable and very patient in getting to know and understand my business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BEB in the future.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Chris Gamble
Strata Consulting Solutions

I give advice on Estate Planning, which involves the use of Wills, Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorneys and Funeral Plans.

When I visit clients and listen to their concerns, it may mean that my advice would include all, or most of the products above.

Sometimes the total cost of an estate plan is beyond my clients’ immediate budget, which means they either accept part of the Estate Plan and complete at a later date, or defer completely, thus leaving their estate vulnerable.

Depending on the client, I have sometimes allowed them to pay the costs over a period of time, which ensures they have the estate plan in place for themselves and their family – however, the payment plan has always been on a “Gentleman’s agreement”.

After watching an episode of Judge Rinder’s Court and listening to you every week, pointing out the dangers of not having a legally enforceable agreement, I thought the time had come to discuss this matter with you.

You listened attentively to my concerns and knew exactly what agreement I needed to protect my business in the event of a client defaulting on payments.

Within one week of our meeting, you had drafted the legally binding document and sent a copy by email for my consideration. After a couple of tweaks, I was armed with an enforceable agreement, which is easy to complete and easy to understand for both my clients and I.

By having this enforceable agreement, you have ensured my business is trading safely and has given me peace of mind. I am sure that if I have to go before Judge Rinder, he would find your agreement faultless!

BEB are very caring, professional, and knowledgeable and I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Jeff Callaghan
Will & Estate Planning Adviser

Your attention to detail is second to none. From the moment of our enquiry, you were very attentive and able to juggle around your busy schedule to review the contract and submit your observations.

There were changes recommended and Lidl Properties accommodated these with little complication. The contract is now in place to ensure Low Energy Consultancy are the national planning consultant for all their regional property offices.

BEB have ensured LEC are contractually strong against a large retail organisation as Lidl UK.

Thank you again for your professional and precise service. I have no hesitation to use you again. We also have no reservations in recommending your services to our colleagues and friends

Thank you again.

Adam Alexander
Low Energy Consultancy Ltd

Thank you for your highly professional work to create terms and conditions for Tesserae Communications when we set up for business last year. Your clear and practical advice was much appreciated.

It is very reassuring to know that they have been clearly and professionally framed. All my clients are asked to read and accept them before we start to work together.

More recently you have prepared our retained services agreement for us – which I am pleased to say has been put to good use. Again, you gave plenty of clear, sensible advice, and the work was completed quickly and very efficiently.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is considering setting up a new business or who has not yet put their terms and conditions in place.

Many thanks.

Christine Nairne
Tesserae Communications

We were looking for some advice on Terms and Conditions for a Facebook competition we have recently launched.

Hazel provided a fantastic service; she was efficient and very practical, offering sound advice in a very short window of time.

Hazel went above and beyond her role, answering additional questions that offered us peace of mind for running the competition.

It is so great to have someone to talk to when running such promotions as it means we can continue to get creative whilst we can rest assured we are doing things the right way thanks to BEB Consultancy.

I just want to say a big thank you to Hazel and her team and I am sure we will be doing more business together in the future.

Windows & Developments Ltd

The moment I approached you with a rather unusual contract query regarding cancelled skydive, you immediately made me feel supported and at ease.

After three previous attempts on my part to request a refund from this company, I asked if you could possibly identify any flaws in their Terms and Conditions.  You were very thorough and kindly put together a letter requesting a refund with the information gathered. Although this was also rejected, out of your own kindness you helped me draft an application for Small Claims, which was finally a success. I received a refund of £433 out of the £500 that I had paid to the company. I am so grateful and relieved that we pursued the case even though it has taken 8 months to resolve, it was worth it. With a wedding to plan every penny counts and I was so impressed by the care and consideration you gave to the matter by really coming to my aid. I would happily recommend BEB Consultancy as a company that cares.

Laura Bradley
Hire a Princess Ltd

On the 22nd March, I asked you to produce a “Pet Licence”. This document is used to formalise the arrangement between our landlords and tenants when it is agreed the tenants can keep a pet at the property. I sent over our current letter which is not of a formal nature to the purpose.

Within x2 days, Hazel came back to me to their proposal of the document of which was exactly what we were looking for and from the 1st April, all our lettings offices are using this document.

So it goes without saying – thank you Hazel for your usual fast, efficient and knowledgeable service.

Mark Manning
Howkins & Harrisons LLP

I would like to thank you for the work which you have done with my engagement letters.

I had several elements to my engagement letters which would be adjusted to numerous pages were issued to my potential client. This was not only onerous and time consuming for the client to read through, but it would take me nearly an hour to prepare, which in turn, made our services seem contradictory; we can streamline your processes and save you time but your first hurdle is to complete this lengthy challenge! Most of the time I would make a joke out of them and say, “if you struggle to sleep at night; these will work wonders!”

Kerry was very helpful, she was efficient and had great attention to detail and I now have a set of documents which reflect my services that I am proud to send to my new clients.

BEB have saved me time and money, I cannot recommend Bev and her team highly enough!

Sarah Summers
Mad Hatters Accountancy Ltd