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Whilton Mill
Graeme Smith

Go Karting

Client Since:
May 2016

We contacted BEB because although we had terms and conditions in place, we knew they weren’t up to scratch. We’d cobbled them together over the years and we didn’t have any confidence in them. We’d sometimes have customers query the wording on our indemnity form and we didn’t really understand it ourselves. It started to become clear that our contracts simply weren’t good enough and we were worried about it.
Hazel from BEB came in to meet with us and looked over all our documents. She agreed they would benefit from a rewrite so she sat with us to really get to know our business and the way we operate. BEB initially created new terms and conditions, an indemnity form and some terms for our loyalty scheme. Everything was written and explained in plain English.
I’d say getting the terms and conditions in place is one of the best things we’ve ever done! We’ve been able to use their documents so many times to point out issues to our customers that aren’t acceptable, so they’ve more than paid for themselves in recovering money we’re owed.
We can now stand by our terms with confidence - we don’t know how we operated without them.
Since then, BEB have worked with us over the years to draft terms for our vouchers, a circuit rental agreement, they’ve helped us get to grips with GDPR and we now have them on a retained basis so we can just contact them for anything contractual we need help with.