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Contract Review

Contract Law Specialist with over 35 years experience. We provide specific consultancy services to small-to-medium sized companies.

We bring our expertise to your office and sit alongside your business to support you in amending and negotiating contracts

  • Are you signing contracts that you don't really understand?
  • Are you reading contracts but feel they are so full of jargon you understand some clauses but not so much the others?
  • Do you feel they are unfair but worried if you don’t sign you will lose the business relationship?
  • We can check and confirm whether your contract contains potentially dangerous or unfair clauses and can confirm that it is legal and within the law and regulations

Our rates start from

£130 + VAT per hour

We can review, advise, negotiate, acknowledge, plan and prepare every order and contract received in your business.

To find out more about how our Contract Management Services can help protect and promote your business, call us today on 01604 217365 or