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We are offering all members of the Institute of Carpenters a 10% discount on our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, exclusive to the industry.  For a fully bespoke set of terms and conditions, this would come under our Bronze package, which is £399 + VAT – so with your discount, that’s just £359.10 + VAT. 

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At BEB, we’re passionate about protecting businesses with robust contracts.  In our experience, trades like carpenters are often the least well protected in this area – either because you’re busy on the road and it’s not been a priority or because you expect legal advice will be too expensive.  This means you may find you’re writing off debts unnecessarily.

Having a bespoke set of terms and conditions drafted is the best way to fully protect your business.  The benefits of bespoke contracts are:


Terms and conditions set out exactly what has been agreed between you and your customer – they should sit alongside, and tie in with, your quotation.  This is what you will need to fall back on, in the event of a dispute.  With bespoke terms, we will help you identify weak areas in the business when we are drafting ts & cs – kind of like a gap-analysis.  We’ll discuss how you work, how you want to work and any problems you’ve encountered in the past.  We will then do our best to plug the gaps.


Terms and conditions don’t only protect your business, they also protect the customer.  As an example, if you work with consumers and you’re not aware of consumer rights and how these may affect the service you offer, then this could see you in a lot of trouble.  Either you’ll start work without obtaining a waiver of these rights, in which case the consumer could legally pay you nothing, or you could find yourselves under investigation by Trading Standards – both could be avoided with a bespoke, properly written set of ts & cs.  We’ll explain in practical terms how these laws apply to you and your business.


A bespoke set of terms and conditions will make your company look bigger and more professional.  We will work with you to make sure your terms perfectly match your business processes.  If you want to work with larger companies, you will often need some ts & cs to even get a foot in the door.

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